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Pmines Custom Services The consultants at P. Mines Customs Services constantly monitor technical and tariff changes that may affect your business sector, and work with you to ensure that your shipments are compliant. In a global economy, the speed and certainty of crossing the border are vital to maintaining competitiveness. As a compliant trader, you benefit from streamlined processing and are less likely to be assessed AMPS penalties (Canada Customs and Revenue Agency's Administrative Monetary Penalty System).
Together with our network of strategic partners, we offer a comprehensive lineup of customs and transportation services, providing everything you need to efficiently transport your products and materials from any point or origin to any final destination in North America. Our cross-border customs and transportation solutions include:

  • Canadian customs clearance and document preparation for international shipments
  • U.S. customs clearance and document preparation for international shipments
  • Trade and regulatory consulting
  • Customs consultation to ensure compliance with NAFTA and other agreements
  • Post-entry audit verification
  • Information management and data exchange using Windows and UNIX-based software
  • Technically-advanced operations, communications and data management systems to provide the right e-business solutions for your business requirements
  • Freight forwarding services to or from any location, worldwide, door-to-door, via all modes of transportation
  • Shipment tracking and expediting to ensure timely pickup and delivery Arrangement of letters of credit, marine insurance and local cartage
  • Warehousing services anywhere in North America, from cross docking to full pick-and-pack operations .
In today's fast-paced and internationally focused business climate, there's no room for error or delay. By providing unparalleled levels of service, P. Mines Customs Services ensures that your customs and transportation experience is worry-free. We've built our reputation on our reliability, commitment to customer care and ability to deliver positive results.

Call our office toll-free at 1.800.461.1010. We're happy to answer your questions, and we look forward to providing you with the highest level of customs and transportation services available in the business.

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