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What Our Clients Have to Say:

Custom Brokerage Services

"We have worked with Patrick and his team at P. Mines Customs Services for over 15 years. They have demonstrated themselves time and again to be responsive to all of our needs. From simple information dissemination or document processing to their opinions on complicated rulings for new products, their views and suggestions are always well founded and respected by the commercial decision makers in the Sugar Industry".

   "I am honored to write a letter of endorsement for P. Mines Customs Services. Our Companies connected in 1995. We have experienced continuous service since then, our needs have always been met, if not exceeded. P. Mines being able to handle the intricacies on both sides of the boarder has been immensely helpful to our publishing operations, and even more so the last few years when Customs complexities have increased exponentially. Our business as an exporter, does not need any more challenges. Having the P.Mines team working for us, means there is one less thing that we have to worry about. The caliber o knowledge P. Mines possesses is more than enough to keep me out of trouble of my own accord, and also out of trouble when the border hyper-sensitivity gets even the most cautious among us. I would be happy to talk to any prospective client, and sing your praises in more detail"

   "We have been using P. Mines Customs Services for many years. We selected P. Mines to be our Customs Broker, because we much prefer the personalized service, and hands on approach that they always provide. We used larger brokers in the past, to whom we felt ourselves being treated like a minor player in the scheme of things, feeling like a nuisance to our past broker. I can say that P. Mines Customs Services have always exceeded our expectations. We feel as if we are their only customer daily. Their staff covering both imports and exports are well informed and it is an advantage to be dealing with our same account rep every day. I can also say that having a customer service representative to look after our needs, whi is available for us to call on for personal assistance and advise is very beneficial to our business. Overall, I can whole-heartedly recommend P. Mines to anyone looking for a complete and dedicated team to work with."

   "In 2005 our company decided to establish a production facility in Ontario in addition to its main facility in the USA to meet the growing demands for wind towers in North America. A key element to support the Ontario facility was to establish a supply chain so materials to the new facility could flow smoothly through the US & Canadian Customs. We looked at a number of potential Customs service organizations that could help our company meet the daily needs of clearing a variety of materials through Customs ranging from equipment, as the new facility was being outfitted, to daily production material needs. Ultimately our company selected P. Mines Customs Services for just that role. P. Mines offers us dedicated people for both import and export to support our account 24/7, and a quality of service that helps ensure smooth flow of materials. Initially we were told that our company would not find another Customs Service provider who would provide a higher level of customer service, and P. Mines has delivered on that promise. Our decision to partner with P. Mines Customs Services has proven to be a very effective and beneficial to our company. In essence, P. Mines Customs Services is big enough to handle any Customs task but small enough to care."

   "One of the things that we appreciate most about working with P. Mines Customs Services is the level of personalized services that we receive from the knowledgeable staff at P. Mines, and that our company has specific assigned representatives that are fluent with our cross boarder history. The staff at P. Mines are always available to help us, answering any questions that we have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at every border crossing. As a large importer this provides our company with security. Originally we were concerned with the transition involved in the change in Customs clearance providers. However this has been a seamless change for our company just as P. Mines advised due to the constant attention the team at P. Mines continuously provides. Our only regret is that we did not make this transition years ago. With the constant changes with Customs requirements, and regulations, the fact that the staff at P. Mines takes the time to inform us of what has changed takes the stress out of our clearances, and lets us focus on our refractory components and changes. We view our business relationship as a true partnership. Thank you P. Mines for your continued support, and dedication to our partnership."

   "The team at P. Mines Customs Services has taken the time to get to know our company, and the food industry eliminating any room for error or potential delays which could be posed on our perishable shipments. Due to the changes with Customs requirements, and regulations, the fact that the professionals at P. Mines will take the time to inform us of what is required takes the stress out of clearance, allowing us to save our valuable time. P. Mines is always available and our assigned representative feels like they are work for our company with the knowledge our rep now has from working with us over the years. Once again, thank you P. Mines Customs Services for the continued support and strong commitment from your company".

"Many years ago as a new business and a new importer I called P. Mines Customs Services after calling many others. Even though I never imported before they took the time to visit with me and my business personally, and teach me what was required. At first I would only have to use their services a few times a year if that, but every time I called, my representative remembered me, my business, and was always willing to help me. Today, we have grown significantly. I will never forget the early days when just because I was the little guy, and many didn't want to bother with my business, P. Mines treated me like I was the reason for their business. After many year of working with P. Mines, still the same feel, with the same staff, always excited to help".

   "Our company imports and exports a few times a month. After switching to P. Mines Customs Services we have cut costs in half, and are able to incorporate Customs cost in our selling price because what we were promised is what we are billed. No new fees added, and no rate increases. The promotions industry has little room for profit, we need to be aware of all costs upfront. We have worked with P. Mines for almost 3 years now, and look forward to many, many more. For us, Customs clearance is now easy".

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